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Online Spelling Tests and Spelling Bee Exercises

Online Spelling Tests

As if the challenge of memorizing spelling words is not enough in and of itself, most students do not enjoy having to sit and learn 10 or 20 words at a time.  It is the very essence of learning to spell, which is based on rote memory that makes it tedious.However, it is something that must be done.  So, if you are looking to help your student or yourself, a great approach would be to make it into a game.  Spelling quiz games are a great way to improve your spelling skills by making a contest out of it.  Or having a Championship between the kids on spelling tests on spellquiz.com.


Because spelling relies mostly on memory, it can become a challenge for most. Even with tricks such as understanding the derivative of words does not guarantee spelling success.  There are just too many words from too many different languages to assume that a word follows certain patterns.  But what do kids enjoy?  Playing games. Making the challenge of learning to spell a game will capture a child’s attention and give him an incentive to push himself further.

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Great for Kids! by Sadia17 on Oct 18, 2017

I like their teaching style and my kids loved it, Thanks for great work, keep it up!

Great Experience ! by David.FL on Apr 26, 2017

A spelling test online has many advantages, The ability to diagnose any issues. The ability to build in incentives. The ability to customize the pace. All of these advantages help make a spelling test an advantage any student could use to grow. So, if you want to be a better speller, a better communicator, and get more respect as a thinker go spellquiz.com. Highly Recommended !

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