Terms & Conditions

TrueEn is a promising business listing website to offer maximum support and increase website visibility. We offer unlimited search result in our website depending on the number of the business listing available in our website. However, to get full service from us, you must abide by our Terms and Conditions properly.

To list a business site in TrueEn.com, you must abide by the terms and conditions of the site.

  • Full company detail must be included i.e. company name, address with zip code, phone number and website.
  • Company name should be appropriate and similar to the submitted URL.
  • We respect your business and its services but we are not liable if goodwill or any property damage due to inability or improper use of the service of our website. Any problem? Contact with us!
  • TrueEn.com does not allow any website’s category that is not included in the site category list. Any type of website that inspires or helps dishonest behavior, for example, hacking software site, hacking tips, cheating service etc; will not be listed in the site.
  • Any sort of websites that promotes dangerous or harmful products will not be listed in our business listing website
  • We do not approve the gambling-related websites, even, review of gambling business.
  • Submitting any adult-oriented site is highly prohibited in TrueEn.com. No adult-content site i.e. offline adult entertaining, sexual product e-commerce store etc will not be listed.
  • Refund guarantee is accepted before the list goes live. We do not refund for your business listing once the business listing goes live.


TrueEn.com is a completely individual business listing service provider, not any promotional group of other business listing directory.


You must abide by the terms and conditions of TrueEn.com to list a business listing. We will delete your business listing (Both Free and Premium) without notice if terms and conditions are violated.

Special Note:

We may change our Terms & Conditions whenever we want. We may or may not mail notify you in any changes on the terms and conditions. Therefore, must look for the page before you are submitting any new business listing to our business directory.

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